My name is Scarlet. This blog was originally created to share my experiences with all the many Beauty Subscriptions I was signed up for. I was completely consumed with the idea of the monthly subscriptions. The excitement of knowing that a box of new products were headed my way, for me to test out every month basically had me stalking the mail carrier! Unfortunately, though I saw how quickly one ten-dollar sub from Birchbox turned into 5 subs when I discovered Beauty Army, My Glam, Julep Maven and the New Beauty Test Tube. The beauty subscriptions were fun while they lasted but the samples stacked up quickly and I decided that my money could be saved for something better.

I recently gave birth to my third son and have been spending the little bit of free time I have searching the web for family friendly recipes that are easy to throw together and even easier to re-heat for times when cooking an entire meal is just not possible. A lot of my time is spent with my family, cooking, cleaning and trying to get fit. Needless to say, with my life and interests changing, so will this blog.

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you enjoy what’s coming!


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