Julep Maven- The Intro Box

Hey ya’ll. I actually have had my Intro box for a few weeks now and thought why not share anyways? Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish subscription company. It costs $19.99/month however I have only ever paid that once! See, as long as you log into your account within your selection period, you can choose to skip a month if the colors don’t suit you. I simply cannot justify spending twenty bucks a month on nail polish! 

The way Julep works is you sign up, take a quiz and then the results of your quiz tell you which kind of Maven you are. Some of the styles include Boho Glam, Classy with a Twist & It Girl. A special box is created each month for each style. Once you are a Maven you can log into your account and choose to change your style. Say you are an It Girl but just aren’t liking the colors- no prob! Simply click on the “Try a new style” tab in your account and choose which style you like! I am Classy with a Twist (according to my quiz results) however I find that I am drawn to the It Girl boxes more often than not so it’s nice to be able to choose that instead.

I forgot to mention that I got my first box for just $0.01 using promo code “COLOR2012” (for new members only) so if you decide you would like to give it a go, remember to enter the code before checking out! Also, I would love it if you would use my referral link 🙂